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Note: This post references version 0.3.0. The current version may be different.

Fortify is out! You can play the latest version of the game below:


The puzzle game was developed during the Global Game Jam 2019 (GGJ) in which the theme was:

What home means to you

We chose Phaser as the game framework and matter.js as the physics engine. As a result, we made the decision to scaffold the project from phaser-template.

The game mechanics were inspired by a matter.js example found in Phaser Labs.

Our goals when building the game were to keep it accessible, responsive, and intuitive (you may realize that there are no instructions).

We tried to keep the game as simple as possible. (The only way to interact with the world is through clicking or tapping.) Currently, there are only 3 levels.

Improvements that can be made are:

  • making the physics better,
  • integrating sound,
  • enhancing the gameplay,
  • adding transitions and animations,
  • and improving the UI.

Nevertheless, we had a blast creating the game. We’re grateful to all the playtesters who stopped by to play the game during the showcase. It warmed our hearts to hear that our game was “fun” and “addicting.”

Overall, this turned out to be an amazing game jam and I want to thank the folks who made it all possible.


Final Remarks

Play the game or check out the source code. All feedback is welcome!