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Ren’Py resize or scale image

How to resize or scale an image in Ren’Py using a transform statement.

Ren’Py Template

Ren’Py Template allows you to bootstrap Ren’Py visual novel games quickly.

Ren’Py CLI GitHub Actions

How to set up GitHub Actions workflow with Ren’Py CLI.

Code Arcade

Code Arcade

🕹️ Learn how to program with Code Arcade.

Water Pipe

Water Pipe

🚰 Water Pipe is a puzzle where you connect all the pipes.

Free Social Games

Free online social games to play with your friends!

Lights Out

Lights Out

💡 Lights Out is a game where you collect the power-ups.



🔴 Linkit is a puzzle where you connect the dots.

Phaser Scene lifecycle methods

Understanding Phaser Scene lifecycle methods.

Upload to with butler

How to upload a game to with butler and GitHub Actions.



🎶 Rhythmism is a web rhythm game.

Just Jokes

Just Jokes

😂 Just Jokes is a party game where you make jokes with your friends.

Game Jam Assets

Game jam assets (art, audio, and tools) inspired by GMTK Jam.

Kaboom Vite TypeScript

How to set up a Kaboom.js game with Vite and TypeScript.

Phaser JSX

Use JSX in Phaser with phaser-jsx.



Inversion is a 2D platformer puzzle game where you control two players that have to come together to win.



How to create an asteroids game from examples with less than 150 lines of code.

Button Clicker

Button Clicker

Button Clicker is a template for making incremental games.

Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird clone inspired by the Lessmilk tutorial.

Scaling a Phaser game

To scale or resize a Phaser game canvas, use the built-in Scale Manager.


Fortify has been released!

It's a puzzle game where you construct a fort of pillows to defend Teddy.

This game was created during the 2019 Global Game Jam (GGJ). It's open-source with the code on GitHub.

Ready to defend Teddy? Play it here.

Tile Slider

Tile Slider has been released!

It's a logic-based, combinatorial number-placement puzzle (see source).

Ready to slide some tiles? Play it here.


Sudoku has been released!

It's a logic-based, combinatorial number-placement puzzle (see source).

Looking to challenge your brain? Play it here.

Phaser Template

Phaser Template allows you to bootstrap Phaser games quickly. See the demo below.

It's open-source. Feedback and contributions are welcome.

What games are you planning to build using Phaser Template?

Tile Matcher

Tile Matcher has been released!

It's a puzzle game written in Preact (see source). The goal is to clear all the tiles with the minimum number of moves.

Ready for a fun challenge? Play it here.

Hello World

Welcome to the site. Mark’s first post here.