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Welcome to remarkablegames!

So you may be wondering who am I and why did I create this site? I’m Mark and I’m a software engineer with a focus on the web. My passion includes education and building products that are fun and delightful to use. I have three personal reasons for creating this site:

  1. Passion
  2. Challenge
  3. Nostalgia


Surprisingly, my love for games intersects with my interest in education. If you think about it, games are one of the best mediums for learning. How can this be? Well, games contain rules, mechanics, and lore. If a game is designed correctly, it provides players with mental models that help identify and solve problems within the game. And this happens when the user is having fun.

Now, not all games follow the same formula. Some games have goals while others do not. (Defeat enemy base versus open-world exploration.) But they all provide a means for the player to interact with the environment. The difference between a book and a game is reading relies on our imagination while playing compels us to create a narrative. Ultimately, it’s the act of self-expression that makes us feel like we’re doing something. Games are a metaphor for life and the human condition.


This leads me to the challenge. Making a game is easy but making a great game is hard.


Did you know that I started programming by making games?


So my plan is to use this site as a place to document my experiences, learnings, and thoughts on game development. I hope you will join me on this journey. =)