Psych 101

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📖 Play as a student attending a Psych 101 class!


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I joined Safe In Our World Mental Health Game Dev Champions 2024 and the theme of the game jam was to focus on mental health.

We brainstormed in Excalidraw and we were inspired by games like Persona. We decided to make a visual novel centered around a student attending a psychology class with a surprise and lesson at the end.

We created a game design document and wrote the dialogue for the ending act. We then added the beginning and middle acts.

We chose Ren’Py as the game engine because it’s a popular visual novel engine that’s free. This was our first time using Ren’Py and the scripting language was super easy to use. To streamline the build and release of the game to GitHub Pages and, I created a GitHub Action workflow setup-renpy.

I submitted the game to several game jams to get feedback. The game is also open source on GitHub. Let me know what you think!